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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Lady of Guadalupe--Consecrated

Today's the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and we want to remember Mary as much as we can right? Sure, sure I mean only a true catholic would keep in mind what Mary did for us. Our true faith lies in Mary, not only today as we celebrate her feast day but, everyday of our lives. Just think about what would happen if Mary was ignorant of her calling and obligation and totally blew everything away. Where would we be know? For one thing, we wouldn't have the Catholic church, we wouldn't have Saints, we wouldn't have mass, therefore no Eucharist or sacraments. To thank Mary for everything she has done is what we are called to do as Catholics, One things for sure, it must have not been easy for her. She went through the regular things that most parents go through. So I thank her.

33 days ago, I started on the Saint Louis de Monfort consecration to Jesus through Mary, prayers daily and devotions to help come closer to Jesus through Mary. After all, Christ did become known to us through Mary, we wouldn't have Jesus if it wasn't for Mary. Through this consecration we do everything with Mary, for Mary, in Mary, and by Mary.

As we attend mass today, and consume the Eucharist, take it in as you are taking in christ. With a whole heart and with a change of heart. Remember what Mary did for us and remember that you are in someway consecrated to Jesus through Mary, go to confession or Holy Communion with the intentions of giving ourselves to Jesus Christ, by slaves of love. through the hands of Mary.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving: Be Thankful

Take a good look at this picture. Some people don't ever have this big of a meal in their lifetime. an we are able to have it every single year, Be thankful. This Thanksgiving I ate less than what I usually do. For some reason, I just didn't feel up to eating. I was more thankful for everything that I have been blessed with. If you have been keeping along with my blog, then you know that I have been blessed big time. I needed to be thankful, and Thanksgiving was a huge reminder that I needed. Also a reminder that thanksgiving is not the only day to give thanks, we should do it everyday of our lives just because we wake up in the morning. Another reminder it brought to me was the reminder of the Eucharist. The foundation of my Catholic faith is the heart of being thankful, it's a reminder to love not only others but everything we have been given in our lives. The Greek word for Eucharist, is Eucharisteo, which means thanksgiving. When we take part in the Eucharist we should be thankful from the moment of the consecration to the moment it lands on our tongues. Not even that, we should be thankful everyday of our lives, because the Eucharist has taught us, and Christ wants us to be thankful by the Eucharist.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bed Races

Yesterday was one of those unforgettable days, one of those days where you do something just out of the ordinary. We'll here at Saint Greg's we hosted our 1st Annual Bed Races Competition. This is were certain organizations can join in and create your own bed that you think can resist speed bumps and sharp left turns. The Knights of Columbus Decided to get together and make one, The Mach 5. We welded our wheels on, used some cardboard and paint. Game day, we got 1st place prize, which was a trophy and a few benjamins for the organization. It was alot of fun

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall: Change For Christ

Here at Saint Gregory's the season of fall is finally showing its true colors. Colors of deep contemplation and shallow shades of browns, yellows and greens are all starting to cover the trees as well as the floor. Every morning before class I make my way down the paved walkway and am surrounded by leaves all on the floor, and cool fresh air that I can't get enough of. From spring to fall colors I have come to the analogy that Christ is allowing us to change. Change colors that is. We can be bright and colorful in the springtime. When fall comes I think It's a reminder that no matter who we are, whether its people of faith or not. We are all experiencing Christ calling to change who we are, and whether we like it or not, we do change colors. The fact of the matter is what draws us deeply more in Christ is Christ himself. So when we think of fall and the colors of it. We are really accepting the change that comes within us. Fall break, it's time for a change, change for Christ.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

EarthQuake...Another First!

This lovely Wednesday morning at 9:06:29 I experienced my first earthquake...
I was lying in bed and I felt a sudden shake, it was about 3 seconds long, then it stopped. At first I thought it was someone across the hall moving their beds or jumping off the walls. Good Lord, I thought, who the heck is jumping so early in the morning, then my second thought was an earthquake but I was exaggerating, at least I thought I was. That was cool, its nice to experience something new every know and then. That actually helped me realized that I'm not just living day after day, or going through the motions. I am living life.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

By Your Love

You know what I was walking to class one day and I just felt the need to slow down and pray. Have you ever felt like that? Maybe your going to fast that you feel like you just got to slow down. We'll that's how I felt. I started praying in my head, then I came to wonder why us humans just want more of everything we get. We aren't satisfied with anything, I know I'm not. At the same time I am grateful for everything I have. But first of all, what makes us come to that thought? It is the Love of God. I think that we all know that God's love has made us to be who we are now.
Since I have been here I have been so grateful for what God has given me, with my education and a great chance to serve him. I know that it was only by the graces of God that made me who I am now, and where I am today. Everyday I praise God and thank him, because I know it was by miracle that everything worked out. I wrote this song when I was playing the guitar that same day, It helps me remember that God knows exactly what he is doing with us, some times we might forget that he is shaping us to be better people. Playing this song, I am reminded that everything happens for a reason, and that wherever we are in our lives would not be possible without God. Here is the Song :)

By your love, we are made new
By your Grace, we are drawn to You
Let Glory Fall, on you who made us all
Honor and praise, to you God we raise

Each and everyday I am drawn to you
Your love and mercy fall, it all surrounds
Living this life, and doing what you chose
I still seem to wonder if its around
Each and everyday its always me that you impress
You leave me searching, for love that cant be found
Draw me close to you lord, It's my soul that i'll undress
Everywhere I stand, Everywhere I go, I'll Know that...

Now is where I Stand, open to your hands
Living day to day, knowing that its all part of your plan
The Love you set before me, makes me hunger and thirst
The grace you implant in me, makes me praise and shout
Where I am now, would be nothing without the life you bring
Where I am now, just makes me want to lift me hands and sing!
I know why I am here. I know how you got my ear...

Lift my voice and sing, cause we are loved
Jump, praise and shout, cause our God Reigns
Let glory fall, on you who made us all
Honor and praise, to you God we raise!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Heavy Heart is now Light

Today I went to confession before student mass. I felt like I needed to go, because I felt so heavy, everywhere I went I felt like everything I did was heavy. when I would walk up the stairs to get to class. I felt Heavy and I couldn't make steps. The books I picked up seemed heavy. I became out of breathe, and tired, I felt almost like I was carrying a weight on my shoulders that is unbearable, like I was carrying a cross or something with sins and acts I have committed.
After confession, I felt very relieved, I felt like this path I am walking has been made so much easier and with so much more guidance. For my penance, I was asked to pray for a change of heart, soul and mind. So I can find a deeper calling to God's will for me. I think I should write another song from it:

Change my heart O lord.
let it be lifted

Change my Soul O lord.
let it be renewed

Change my Mind, O lord
let it Glory in You

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Reminder of My Service

Today I was looking through some of my pictures on facebook from my senior year and this one caught my eye. I was reminded of my service to others. This woman Joyce, really helped me see that we are the image of Christ no matter who we are, no matter how we look, what we wear, if we use a wheelchair or not. I went on a mission trip to help paint and fix this woman's house. During the trip, I had an exorbitant desire to serve. I just started working as fast as I could, It was almost with a passion and with a cause because I knew what I was gonna get out of it. When I look back to it, it sort of brings tears to my eyes just know that Me, a sinner, a person who doesn't deserve the graces of God, had done this for a woman who uses a oxygen tank to breathe, I'm reminded of my call to serve, our call to serve the people of Christ. With that we remember the words of Christ,"whatever you do for the least of my people you have done for me."

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Check This Video Out

I took small clips of my uncle "ordering" while we were on vacation a few years back.So I gathered all the clips are made a short video out of it, because I want to remember this one for ever. It's Hilarious every time I watch it. Check it out It's Funny...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

In The Quiet

Inside the Abbey Chapel is beautiful stain glass windows that depict certain images from the bible. Theses pictures are the focus of most tour groups. It was built in 1942 and has imported brick from German is what I was told. It's a nice place to sit in the quiet and just pray and talk to Christ who did everything for us. There's silence, and the tile floors help cool the place, the altar is big and is under a crucifix that catches the eye. On the sides are where the monks sit during mass, or Liturgy of the Hours. This church has been the center of the campus of SGU for me. attending daily mass and saying the rosary everyday. My faith is growing by silence just how it is suppose to.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

You Illuminate

The One the thing to remember as we are going through our days is that Jesus Christ is present everywhere. All we have to do is look, and notice what he has set before us. These past few months has been something really special to me, not only because I have been tested so many times but because these trials that come bring joy. Thank God that I have finally noticed whats been going on. Everytime I feel empty, Something tells me I'm full, full of joy, full of happiness, all I have to do is search for it. The fact of the matter is, is that Christ never leaves us, he always shines brighter than any trial we are facing and it's him we should turn to. As I noticed this that seems so far but so close I have come to write a song about it. The moral of the Song comes to those who see everything the way Christ would see them. Here is the song...

From the Moment I wake up
To the moment I go to sleep
Your love surrounds me, it covers me
It's everywhere I go to be

From the moment of sun's first light
To the moment of moonlight's final cry
You are there Within, to help make things right
You are there within, The Apple of Every eye

Stain my skin by loves bright sun,
illuminate on me your heat of newborn love.
So real is your touch,
So Divine is this blush

Lord, you Illuminate
Lord, you Illuminate,
I see you everyday,I'm walking your way
Cause you Illuminate,
Nothings left to say but You Illuminate.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Reflection on Discernment

I was suppose to write an essay reflecting on my discernment of religious life within the Roman Catholic Church, so I typed it up and emailed it to Saint Gregory's. hopefully they will call me soon with the news if I am accepted or not. Well I thought It would be a good idea to post the essay on my blog so here it is:
To discern means to reflect and find the interior of yourself as the person God has set for you. To think beyond the average person and see what you know God would see. An Important factor in helping that phase of discernment takes a life of prayer, humility, faithfulness not only God but to others. Live a life of solitide, quietness and peace. I believe that putting yourself in a prayer ful environment always helps the process of discerning God’s will go a lot easier and a lot more fuller than what you would experience in a loud and busy surrounding.
My Name is Vincent Carrasco and I have been discerning my vocation to the priesthood for quite some time now. Everything that I have mentioned above, I have in some way or another experienced it to the extent that it has had a major effect on my Catholic faith and formation growth. My first few years in High School, I never really liked to say or think about myself going to the priesthood. In fact I don’t think anybody did. I told my self that If I did, I would only do it for praise and recognition, that was my excuse for not thinking about it. During those few years in High School I attended a youth group at my local church of St. Anthony’s called LifeTeen. These two hour classes every Wednesday and Sunday nights for 4 years really shaped me into being a better person. The retreats and conferences we attended brought me to really understand my calling and the path that I was to follow so much easier. My Junior year was very congested going on all sorts of trips, visiting the third world country of Honduras to build homes for homeless, Steubenville of the Rockies, a Leadership Conference at the University of Notre Dame and our end-of-the-year retreats. By the time it was all over the notion of becoming a priest was in my head. Little did I know I wasn’t leaving. At this time I had already experienced being faithful to others by serving them. I had this desire to serve that was like hunger or a burning flame that only desires more and more, I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing so I did the one thing that helped my be satisfied, that was to serve more. When I left for my first semester in college that calling only became more and more brighter as my inner self. People would come up to me telling me that It looked to them as if I was glowing with happiness and joy covering my face, then they would ask, “Do you happen to be discerning the priesthood?” Not being ashamed I would answer back with a head held high, “Yes I am” I was happy, I was at peace to know that God was with me It felt so comforting and so new, there was nothing I could do but smile even more. Even When I see priests, they bring light and peace, and happiness to me. I feel like this is something that I was truly called to be. In College I was blessed with the opportunity of living in a two-story home that was walking distance from the Catholic Church. I was living by myself so I believed it was a much more easier and laid back environment for a more prayerful life. Rather than being in a house with a family of five in it, would make my prayer life full of distractions that exist. To discern a person has to have to live a life of humility, if somebody comes in with a bad attitude or let’s say negative the discerner receives feedback off of that and it creates a not so well prayer life. Same thing with school, where you have all these distractions and downsides of live that the world today is a professional at bringing people down. One thing I always had in my mind was the fact that if you look at life, the plants the morning sunrise and evening sunset, even the formation of our very own bodies in the womb. They all grow in silence, not in music or noise, silence. In that same way, we are called to live just as we were created in silence and in humility; because its through silence that brings prayer and meditation. At the same time, I was committed to a life of solitude and service by being a Core Member for the Church’s EDGE Jr. high kids. I gave talks and teachings that were even surprising to me. At the peak of it all, I was forced to move out and withdraw from school my discernment went down the drain from there. A few months later I received a call from the vocations director wanting to meet up, at that point I knew that God truly does follow through with what he does. Strange enough, for some reason that desire to do what I wanted was still inside me. The thought of being a priest still crossed my mind even when I had forgotten about it for three months. When I see priests, they bring light and peace, and happiness to me. I feel like this is something that I was truly called to be.
Months later I am still waiting for that single door to open so I can finally make the step that I know is a stepping stone from Christ. The thought of being a priest to once again serve the people of Faith is something I am really anticipating. Deep inside I know that I was created to serve, we all were, however to know that I have been giving the want to and the “gusto” to carry forth with this is something that I would not want to go to waste. Finally I would like to say that the process of discernment has been a breeze so far only because what I have learned and what I have gained through faith formation classes and all the retreats I have been on. Just to understand that Christ died for me on the cross is something that motivates and drives me to do what we are called to do, just like waves are driven to the shore I am the exact same. Being Catholic I know that Christ created us to be Holy, Its our obligation and its our calling. Saint Gregory’s Scholarship Committee, please help provide what I need to carry my cross, just as my savior did for me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saint Gregory's University

This past week I had a unique experience by visiting a Catholic University that I think maybe the one perfect for me. Saint Gregory's University is just about an hour east of Oklahoma City, In Shawnee. When I first drove up the "family circle drive" I was so astounded by how much this reminded of being so at peace, because it's been so long since I have experienced that peace. I noticed right away that here my everyday worries and troubles were burned and brought down to a sense of peace, right here at St. Greg's.
When I arranged a tour, I set it on a Thursday. It turned out that I was the only tour for the entire day, so I got tons of help and information that was really needed. I was so grateful, the facility members were all doing their normal things, all accepted me with open arms even if I had, for some odd reason made the decision to go to the Baptist College which was right down the street. I felt as if God had put everything in his hand, and was just holding it out to me to reach out and grab.
Hopefully, everything works out for me. Saint Gregory, Pray for Me.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Felix Campos: Angel of The Lord

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet one of the most inspirational person of my entire life. Felix Campos was walking in front of our truck asking if he could give the truck a shine for just a few bucks, we agreed. I was in the sleeper of the truck when I heard him and my dad talking, There was no way I was getting off, I thought he was just like everybody else that had asked us for money. But the more I got to listening to their conversation I became so fond of him. I wanted to met him and see what he was like. So I got out of the truck and we met and cleaned the truck together. We all talked about so many different things that God has to offer for us. Prayer and Life. After talking to him, he explained to us that he had been through a lot of different things that helped him just start believing in God. His father was a preacher in North Carolina and Felix wanted to see him again, but He just didn't know when. He told us that he wanted to get his green card soon because some people had stole his wallet from him after he moved here from the Dominican Republic. He mentioned that his girlfriend had an abortion with his first child, and ever since then he was been heartbroken. He says that he prays to God every night to forgive her for the sin she committed. He was a really good person that had some good morals to his life. It was so clear to me that he was so dedicated to a life of holiness and to be Christ like and it was that that made me really think. Here is this guy who has gone through so much, lives life homeless yet still is so full of love, and prayer to God. As we were cleaning some of the windows on the truck he told me something I won't ever forget. He said, Serving is the one of the best things you can do for somebody, When you serve people who really need help, It is that, that matters and your reward will be great in heaven...After he said that I felt like there was an Angel from God talking to me, It was so real, so vivid, and so true. When we finished cleaning the truck, we walked to the store across the street and got something to drink. As we were walking back he asked us if we were angels that will leave and never see him again. That was so weird to hear that. When we got back, we said goodbye and took a picture. As he turned to leave I notice that sad expression on his face, I felt like telling him to come with us. But I knew I couldn't. When I turned around to see which way he was headed, He was gone. Like if He had delivered the message that was given to him. I knew that he was an Angel, an Angel of the Lord.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Randy Friemel: Artwork From God

Randy Friemel is from my hometown parish of St. Anthony's in Hereford. He's a wonderful artist that truly captures the colors of Christ within, not only his work, but also his character. The imagination of his work sets a very clear point on what we are suppose to be, and how we are suppose to live. Randy has been drawing since he was only four years old! After drawing for such a long time, randy soon realized that his drawings and paintings are a sweet gift from God. So he does everything he can to give glory to God for what he has done with it. Randy has made such a big difference around the Parish by donating his artwork for annual auctions and also helping out in Mass with the music by using his God-given talent to play the guitar for the congregation. Randy Friemel is a good friend of mine, and truly artwork from God...If you have time, check out his website at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Unforgetable Experience

Well, this is the follow-up on my recent trip to the Conception Seminary College this past weekend, and let me tell you. It was pretty awesome. The place is in a very quiet and peaceful place full of color and tranquility. The buildings made of brick from a deep color red, the grass is as green as it gets. There is no "greener on the other side" here. The trees are so tall and so unique, each one nearly has its own color and blossoming flower, whether its white, pink, or red. The place sets a tone of how beautiful the love of Christ is to us. Its so beautiful, the sunsets are like you've never seen before in your life. Jesus Christ is truly present.

Well for me the weekend was pretty awesome, attending like talks from different seminarians and workshops, and prayers with the monks. We had a lot of fun playing ultimate frisbee and soccer with the guys. It reminded me of how much of a community there is here, even though its just guys, It helps me understand that most of us guys don't need love that doesn't last. We were all having a good time. Laughing and getting to know everybody as easy as, I don't know what.

But as we finished playing games for over three hours. I was so exhausted and sore. When I looked at my watch, I noticed that it was about thirty minutes before our next session. So I wasn't gonna go all sweaty, greasy and grassy. So I got in my room and took me a shower. A warm one. Which was NOT good for my sore, aching body. Well during vespers with the Monks, I started feeling really light headed and dizzy. I thought I was gonna throw up, The last thing I thought about doing was tapping Nathan, who was sitting beside me and telling him, Hey I think I'm gonna throw up, but apparently I didn't make it that far. Passed out right there and then. All I remember were the monks running toward me and looking up and seeing just blur. They carried me out of the Basilica and had me sleep inside the campus health center for the rest of the day. So that was a very interesting and rare experience for me. I will remember that for the rest of my life.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Visiting Conception Abbey Seminary

Well its pretty close to my departure, my breath is harder, stronger, and I can hardly wait. This is the place were I will be totally isolated from the world of sin. The place where God will shape and mold me into the person that he wants me to be. Just thinking of pure peace and quietness gets me so excited. This is what God wants, I can feel it, growing underneath my skin, and out of my heart. Like a flame that only desires so much more. This weekend I will be making my way to Missouri to visit Conception Abbey, a Seminary College and Benedictine Monastery in the northwest part of the state. I'm a little bit nervous not because I have never been there, but just because I don't know what to expect. I'm only like this because I'm scared of what I'm going to see. C'mon...What can I possibly see that would change the mind that I have already set. I hope and pray nothing. I'am so glad to finally make the step that will first start many others. Lately I have been discerning and just about got it all wrapped up after a past retreat that I had this past weekend. I hope to God that his will be done, hopefully I really like this Seminary because this is the place I want to be, This is the place God wants me to be. I don't think I would enjoy being anywhere else.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mission-Trip Oklahoma City

This past week I went on a mission trip with the Catholic Student Center to Oklahoma City. It was awesome, well It could of been better but missionary wise it was great. We stayed at a Catholic youth Camp on the outskirts of OKC about an hour away from the city. It was so beautiful out there, the stars were out every night. the trees blew with the fresh breeze, and the creatures churped almost with the sound of nature. Like a song that you already know the words. Our first night there I went outside to meditate a little bit. I remember looking up at the sky, watching the stars twinkle in the midnight blue. I remember saying,"Lord, I want to follow you, I wanna do what you want me to do. I trust you with all my heart. I just want you to allow your spirit flow through me like water, and reveal to me my calling." I said,"Lord I love you, I will go where you go, but If I end up on my knees I will crawl to you."and in that I ended my prayer and went inside to write in my journal, and I just started writing, I couldn't stop, for some reason those words just stuck to my head, so I wrote this song check it out...

If I end up on my knees, I will crawl, crawl to you.

This journeys so rough
One I can't seem to stand
I'd say I just about give it all up
But you hold me in the palm of your hand.

Lead me the way, through heated sun
Guide me to your sands of Endless love
God of mercy of grace show me the way
For its you I embrace, yea Its you I embrace!

Its you I will follow, You I will serve.
Anything you set, I'll do it for you
It's what I want, It's what you deserve
God my god, I will follow you.

This song, when I play it I get this since of peace and shadow of God. So throughout the whole mission trip I could not wait to go home only to play the song I had wrote through the holy spirit. Well as we went. We painted a pantry that this sister has started 10 years ago. "Sister BJs Pantry" we moved all the clothes put blue painters tape on the windows and trip, set up plastic. And started painting away. We used light blue, and dark blue. It took two whole days to paint the first and second coats. The second day also had us finish the gazebo in the garden. Stain it for the day to come. The day coming was the main part of the participation. We were to make sack lunches that had, water, chips, candy, a granola bar, and a sandwich. They were to be handed out to all homeless that got in line that morning. It was the butt crack of dawn but it was well worth it to see people who have no socks, no teeth. old clothes, but had smiles that ran across their faces from ear to ear. It was a trip I won't ever forget, One that will help me be what I wanna be; a missionary for Christ.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Worthy Calling...

What is it that you desire in this world? Happiness right? We all want to be happy whatever it is we are doing. Whether it be going to college, choosing your future spouse, working those graveyard shifts, or even being the person that you are. This week I realized that happiness is not just a word, its your future. I have been discerning for quite some time now on going to the seminary to become a priest and its not an easy decision, but its not a hard one either. Where will I be the happiest, is the question I ask myself daily. Okay, that's an easy question. I am happiest with God and his presence of peace and joy. So instead of ending my childhood peace and joy with the things of this world I would rather live in unity with God and the church. God has a chosen vocation for everybody, its only our job to seek deep within our hearts and ask God to reveal it to us. remember, a Happy calling is a Worthy Calling.