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Monday, August 19, 2013

Your Joy is My Joy.

It's the start of another school year and there's a bit of a joy in that. Joy for the start of something great, and maybe joy for the end of something not so great. The cool thing is that somewhere, somehow there's joy to be found and 'recycled' if you would. I think Joy is one of those words that travels within, almost like this hylemorphic word like a body and soul. if you think about it, one could never really experience joy unless it is through someone else. There has to be someone to deliver that joy and there has to be someone else to receive it. Sound right?...Well praise God for making us in his image, that is perfect in our human form. That could only mean a couple of things, since God is perfect in all things that means he's perfect even in Joy. We hold that same Joy in each of us, we were created with it, we were created to be happy, and to strive to be happy and joyful. Not only strive to be, but to find it and sort of counter it for all to experience. One great mission we have is to allow people to experience the peace and joy that we have so that they can experience Christ who is the perfect Joy, and is the Perfect peace. Being back at school for a lot of us, we have a pretty neat opportunity to mirror our joy within us and bring out the joy in others. That is why for us humans, we need physical and visual aids. We have to be able to touch people, give them hugs and high 5's and waves. We have to be able to see people and see those waves and see those smiles that are given. If we don't then how can we really receive the Joy that is offered to us by Christ. If we are cooped up by ourselves all day, we are putting a barrier between a chance to fully experience Joy and what it can really do for us. For me, it's great to be back at school to experience some of these things because not only do I try and give out joy to others but most of the time it's other people doing it for me that makes me want to go out an share the same joy that has been given to me! It's like a fire that is shared through candles, once yours is lit, there's no other option but to go an lite another. It gives you a great desire to go out and experience Joy through your friends and your peers just so you can go and share with another the exact same joy. It makes you want to see people and find that joy. We have nothing to lose so why not experience Joy.