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About Me

Hey friends,
My name is Vince, I am a recent graduate from Saint Gregory's University in Oklahoma. I graduated with my Bachelors in Theology. I am 25 and currently a Novice for the Capuchin Franciscan Friars, Province of St. Conrad, discerning religious life. The journey to get here has been amazing, and I don't think I would be where I am at now if it wasn't for God placing in me a desire to serve. In my younger days my heart bloomed for the sun of Christ's love. I found it opening more and more throughout high school retreats and conferences, pretty soon mission trips. At first, it was new to me, experiencing Christ's love for us through the mystery of the Eucharist, then experiencing his love by seeing more and more from the people I was around a bond. What I saw in them, was a desire for an intimate relationship, there was trust and there was peace. I wanted that I thought! In my passion for retreats and conferences, I loved the peace and the joy that was present in those times, at those moments. The difficult part, was coming down from that peaceful state and leaving that 'glorious mountain' and just being normal and dry. What helped was my love for music, and worship, I found peace and comfort in music even in music I later wrote on my own. There was peace there, and for me it was a means to God. Soon, I found myself seeking Christ everywhere I went, there was a deep desire to feel that fire of peace and happiness that I did whatever it took, almost like an addict that returns to what comforts. In late high school, when I found peace in my service and missionary work, it was like a spark that started and later a fire from the joy I was receiving through that work.Mission trips had a big impact on my life, working for the sake of another, or a community really helped instill in my heart the notion that there is no greater joy then in that of helping those other then ourselves. I feel in love with mission work and the joy that it brings not only to me, but even more so, to those who receive that help. I went on mission trips to help build, or rebuild. That was in labor work, building, painting, picking up trash, getting dirty, tearing down walls, ceilings, all while being present in the gospel and those people. At first what was a desire for work soon became a desire to just be present and available for the people we served. It was no longer about what you did, how much sweat you were drenched in at the end of the day, it was about just being there, among the people. I recognized that these people who need help don't worry about how much you get done, the happiness comes entirely from you being present to them, not the work that you do. I learned that in my service there is more then just receiving peace and joy from God, but we can also give it and create a love that exists only from God. In that service, for me there has always been a desire to serve in any way. As I picked up on my discernment, I realized that for me and in my mission, there is no better way to completely serve God's people except through the hands and ministry of a Catholic Priest.

         Through time and growth, I have learned in experience that our lives have the power by God to change someone else's. Whether it be in service, in community, in relationship, or even in spirituality, I think we are all called to serve those who are less fortunate than us in every way possible. With that in light, I have learned that there is a great joy in participating in the great commission. That great commission is serving, leading, and loving, and in our sacrifice we are given what is needed to fulfill all that is asked of us, that is through grace!

         Thank you Jesus Christ for allowing me to accept your calling, your invitation of love. Thank you to everyone who support me, and continuously pray for me in my discernment. Please, follow my blog for my own catholic insight through my own experience. Thanks for reading friends. Peace and God Bless!