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Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Today, I came to realize that there is more to the Virgin Mary than what I thought there was. She wasn't just the Mother that we pray to for peace. She isn't only the Queen of all Saints, or our Lady of Grace. While these are all great things, the Virgin Mary is a symbol for all. As I found out today, these symbols are all hidden inside the portrait that was revealed to Juan Diego On December 9, 1531. Juan Diego, a young peasant Aztec native, saw a vision of the Blessed Mary, telling him to build a church at the top of the hill. Juan Diego shared his story to the Bishop. But, the bishop wanted proof. Mary appeared the Juan Diego a second time in the same spot and explained to Diego to gather flowers. It was in the middle of winter and soon, Juan Diego gathers beautiful red roses, collects them in his tilma, in those days a tilma was used as a carry-all. So on December 12, Juan Diego takes them back to the bishop and as he lays the flowers down in front of the bishop the Image of Virgin Mary is miraculously imprinted on the maguey agave fabric.

Today, I had the privilege to be shown the hidden images that are inside this beautiful picture, some which i will show with you. I will try an explain from the top to the bottom with what I was told:)

Water/Acid Damage: at the very top middle there is line of water damage on the original copy, because of a great flood that happened in the chapel that it was kept in. The Rays of the sun are seen to be fading because of the water. Painters try and clean it and revive it with acid but damage it only more on the right side, they become frightened and stop.
Right Eye: On Mary's right eye a hidden image of Juan Diego is seen wearing a Sombrero looking up
Neck: Right underneath the neck of Mary, the Image of the Holy Eucharist is seen by few, with the face of Jesus inside of it!
Hands: In Aztec times, the mothers started to have many miscarriages during pregnancy because of the labor that home mothers required. So Aztecs would tie the hands of pregnant woman to keep their work limited and close to the womb. Gold is used to tie her hands, as a sign of Divinity. Mary although prays for US while she is tied.
Belt: the black knot is actually a European symbol of pregnancy. Some say that the can see Saint Martin de Porras as the belt, who was born on December 9th, and the patron saint for all mixed races.
Aztec Symbols: The symbols that cover the dress are all signs of life, of heaven and God. Under the black belt, is a flower, that symbolizes God. The black belt, being a sign of pregnancy. Together, Mary is pregnant with God, or Jesus.
Dress (Leftside): Here you will see a light ray that runs down the side of the Dress, with a sharp end near the bottom. This is the exact tool that is used during an Abortion.
Bottom: Near the bottom, Mary is crushing the angel Lucifer who has horns on his head. If you look closely you can see the two large horns from each side of Mary, two eyes on each side of the head of Lucifer, which is the demons nose and the sleeves of his shirt are the smile.

The Virgin Mary is the Mother of Christ himself and offers endless grace to us, her children. She is the Mother of all nations, her love for the world is unconditional and we should offer her our love and prayers. Her mysteries will last forever, Love you Mother

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Never-ending Joy

The past four days I have been helping out with the Vacation bible School with my parish. I have been the music coordinator for about 4 years now and I have enjoyed it ever since I started. Monday, was the start of the 2011 Bible School and It's been a blast so far. Today unfortunately, was the last day for this years SonSurf Beach Bash, but, the beginning of every bit of never-ending joy. This year, just like the other years, every child seems to light up with Joy that I have never seen before. Happiness and pure Joy fill the room and cover over every person in the room. It's almost like water that qinces your thirst. It satisfies, and gives you energy. While I'm going through the motions of every song, I can see smiles all around, laughter, I can almost touch that happiness it's amazing. I try and give my energy while doing that music motions so that they feed off of it and praise God while doing it. It feels good to be almost like a mediatrix between the children and Christ. As Leaders, as adults, that is what we are called to be towards the children and younger ones, we are mediators working in between the two. Doing this in any way we can, will bring Never-ending joy to our lives, because true joy, lies within the children.