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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hike for Christ

For a while I've been wanting to do something different and head to Palo Duro Canyon to hike what's known as the Devil's Slide to pray a rosary at top.
I didn't know when I was gonna do it, I just knew in my head that I was gonna do it, somehow, sometime. Well today I had that chance. The chance to get away from what I had already fallen back into, sin. In our sin we are separated from Christ, an in our repentance we are joined with him. I think the great thing about this act of repenting is realizing our sin, and realizing the call from Christ to return. When we realize we sin its a good thing, that guilt is good, because it shows that our soul is alive. If we don't have guilt in our sin, then our souls are dead an need life. This action of going out and using everything that we are given to reach the top of the mountain, our bodies, our hearts, minds, and energy, in the same way is necessary for a repentance. In our weakness we fall, but its our guilt that gets us back up.
Cara, a friend of mine had drove down from Oklahoma to join me on this small breakaway, even my family! To go an hike down in Palo Duro Canyon is a great experience for me and I hope for her as well. When I climb I remember the words from Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati as he climbed, "The higher you go, the closer you are to Christ." I like to remember that a hike is a hike of repentance and a hike to Christ to who we are saved. Thanks for coming Cara.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Joyous Jewel

In a small town like mine, sometimes it can seem like it's so big, just cause you never see anybody. After high school, it's like all my friends from high school are like a valuable asset, or even like a precious jewel. Just like precious jewels and gems are hard to find, so too, are friends. It is rare that I get to see anybody from high school around anymore cause I'm pretty distant, and like I said, this small town ain't so small. But when I do, it's a great experience and in a way, soothing to realize that they are doing alright. I went to Wal Mart today, and found myself talking to a couple of my cousins who have grown so big, and look so different from when I last seen them. I guess sometimes we forget that a person grows up through a great thing we call time. I said hello to a couple of my classmates from high school, talked for a while, left and said hello to another. By the time I left, I grew a great happiness and peace, just by talking to a couple of people who I haven't seen in years. It was a great realization that came to me, I was at peace knowing that my old friends were doing fine, just to see them there was great. I think the Joy around that reflection comes from Christ, in realizing that sometimes people need a person there. Someone with higher spirits to get them through the drag of the day. A talk, a laugh, a wave or even a joke. I think as precious as a jewel is, the real preciousness is not the worth, or the characteristics but rather where and how they came to be. For us it's our background, being made by God, the one who gives us life. It's the relationship, how truly precious a relationship can bring; great joy. God gives us the chance everyday to catch how great of a blessing it is to be living, to have friends and to experience them once again. I thank God for my life, for the great adventure in seeing old faces with a new spirit.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Savior is Born.

Today as we remember a holiday that's been around for more than two thousand years, we can also remember that today is a day of Joy and happiness, of great trial that is overcome by adversity and peace. Mary and Joseph are called by God to bear a son and name him Jesus, while this is a great calling, Mary and Joseph are venerated because of their great obedience to God. God would enter into the world, as a man, today a Savior is born, the redeemer of the world would come and be immersed in our humanity to die for our sins and promote our invitation to eternal salvation.
Christmas is a sign of peace and joy that comes after any trial, we can be secured in our faith. For Mary and Joseph, the thought of having a baby under the Jewish law was frightening. Mary could be charged with adultery and stoned to death. While God blessed Mary with a humble heart, she became strong in her fears in order to carry Christ the King. The great triumpant over this common fear, is the birth of Jesus.
So for us, I think we can remember that even in our trials and stress we can learn to see Christ, the Savior who redeems us from sin and even from trial. He saves. While there is evil and trial in this world, there is also good that arises from that evil and trial. Thomas Aquinas says that God allows evil to occur in order to bring out a greater good.
For us during Christmas, we die from all of our fears and trials, and rise with Christ in his birth in a greater peace.