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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Immacualate Conception of Mother Mary Mass

Yesterday was a special mass for the Virgin Mary. We Celebrated our Mother's Immaculate Conception with an offering of roses in the front of the alter. Mary is the Queen of all roses and the heart of our Catholic Faith. During the mass we learned of St. Juan Diego, Here is the Story.

Juan Diego was a very poor boy who lived in Mexico City. His uncle whom he
loved very much was sick and in his deathbed. For many days Juan went up to the mountains to pray. On one particular day, as he was praying, Mother Mary appeared to him. She called his name,"Juan, Your prayers have been answered,from here on, you will see your uncle only improving." and she departed. Juan Diego, being overwhelmed by Joy and Gladness ran down the mountain and told his uncle he had seen Mother Mary. From then on his uncle began showing signs of improvement. So Juan set out to tell the Cardinals and other Priests that he had seen Mary. As he told them they shouted to him "Liar!" "Coward!" "Your only a poor boy how could you have seen Mary!" Juan Diego was ashamed and left the synagogue. As he was walking home, he came up to the mountain where he had seen Mary, But instead of walking over the mountain, he walked around it. The Long way home. Again Mother Mary appeared to him and said, "Turn Around and Go Back, Tell Them you have Seen Me They Will Believe You." Juan Diego returned being persistent and explaining to the priests but still, they began calling him names and spitting at him. Juan Diego left full of sadness, as he was walking home, Mother Mary appeared to him for the third time and said to him,"It is the Middle of Winter, Take these Roses and Tell Them You have seen Me Here." Mary handed him roses that were in the fullest of spring and color. Juan took the roses, and wrapped them in his cloak. When the priests saw he had returned for the third time they intended to speak. Before they could speak, Juan Diego shouted in a loud voice,"These Roses Are For You From Mary! To Prove That I Have Seen Her Three Times!" As he unrolled his cloak, the roses fell to the ground, and the image of the Virgin Mary was Sown on the entire front side of his cloak...The priests dropped in awe and regretted calling this young boy coward...

Most people think that the image of the Virgin Mary standing over the moon and the stars is only a tradition from the Mexican culture. But It is rather for all the Americas for every being and every creature. Studies have shown that the ingraved image of Mary on the cloak of Juan Diego was made from tiny threads off a Mexican plant.(Now used to make a type of Tequila)and that the encryption shown signs of berries only found in the Americas. North America, South American, and Parts of Central America. Please Mary is the Queen of all. Mother of all roses. Mother of all things. She is our Mother, Please pray to Her and ask her to pray for you...

Monday, July 6, 2009

From Huts to Homes, Changing Lifes in Honduras

For over nine years project solidarity, through your support, has truly made a difference in the lives of hundreds of our Honduran brothers and sisters. Re-building a technical school, educating hundreds of children, sponsoring nutrition programs, re-building churches, sponsoring self-sustaining micro businesses, funding an agricultural cooperative, sponsoring fresh water programs, re-building a free clinic and now developing a very unique housing project, in which 54 homes are being built by the very people who will occupy them. This is how hope is being restored, this is how lives are being changed forever...

On the 9th of August through the 17th of last year, I along with Ashton Paetzold, Deacon Jerry, Fr. Michael, my father Rodolfo Carrasco, and two seminary bound students, Matt Pena, and Joe Charley, had taken a trip to one of the poorest countries in South
America, Honduras. It's a very tropical country, and the majority of the people don't have access to health care systems like hospitals, dentists and places like that. Down there if you get suck you either sit down and tough it out while drinking a "natural" herb tea. It was by god's grace to fulfill his duty, and make every step that we could, count. Being there for a week, this trip is truly one I could say will really mold me and shape me, to guide me in every aspect of my life.
This trip really knocked something in my head. It helped me realize of how blessed we are to be born here in the US of A. Right now we are MILLIONAIRES living in paradise compared to these people. We are, were so blessed to have just the simple things
that we take for granite, and we don't even realize it. Like a TV, or Computer, there's a lot of people out there that are hypnotized by that screen, Or like the second knob in the shower, the clothes over our skin, and the roofs over our heads. Just these few things bring tears
to our eyes. We have the privilege to go to daily mass, and these people get lucky if they have mass once every six months. How sad is that? It also helped me realize that just being present
in the face of god's people is a miracle to them. It brings happiness from all
directions into their eyes. These people are so loving, they hug you for every little thing, and their always around you, almost like a child of your own. Somehow you communicate with these people, and towards the end it's all kicks and giggles. It honestly felt like someone had tied a rope
around your heart and pulled really hard. It hurt just to see that these people don't have anything to give but they give their compassion, and just pour-out their hearts to you. It really takes me back to the lesson that Christ taught us, to love your neighbor, as you love yourself. (Mt. 22:39) In Honduras, there is no last name because we are all like a huge family. To
Finish pouring cement in just a half-a-day really felt great. We carried one
bucket at a time, and believe it or not it gets you exhausted. Thank god they had water, just enough to pick up your second wind, and keep on keepin' on. But at the same time, your drenched in your own sweat. It's Like slow-motion when you see that sweat bubble falling from your head. We wanna stop but deep inside something tells you that it'll be alright, and for you to hold the wave of enemies one last time for the better of these people. There towards the end I realized that these people are the apple of God's eye, you can really see and feel the presence of the Lord when you look at them straight in the eye. When our time expired in Urraco Pueblo
I did NOT want to leave at all. it felt like I had known these people forever. I know that if I had to, I would go back to Honduras, because this is what I love doing and I am Glad. I encourage everyone and anyone to consider this trip, It's a great experience with people from another country, and it really opens up your heart for anything that comes your way...
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