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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday: Death Has Lost


Original painting by Randy Friemel © 2013

Christ has risen from the dead! Death has lost it's sting and now we are all free because of the great love that Christ has for us. The message for us is that death has been defeated, defeated by Christ, and that it can also be defeated by us. There is hope this Easter Sunday, because by the resurrection of Christ the message becomes clear to us that even we can defeat death. We can rise up from our sleep, our sin, and our distress and overcome the grave that has once kept us tied up and bound from becoming all that we can be. Paul in Corinthians tells us that we are all made alive in Christ, in his life and death. (1 Cor 15:22) This Easter should be a message for our hope, hope to overcome, hope to be better, and hope to seek a new life in Christ everyday that we are alive. The debt has been paid, and we are no longer hostages to sin because God in his immeasurable love for us would come down to die on a cross and be raised to pay the price for all our sin. Death has lost, and we are brought to new life because of it.

So Rejoice my friends, Rejoice. Happy Easters.

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