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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Lady of Guadalupe--Consecrated

Today's the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and we want to remember Mary as much as we can right? Sure, sure I mean only a true catholic would keep in mind what Mary did for us. Our true faith lies in Mary, not only today as we celebrate her feast day but, everyday of our lives. Just think about what would happen if Mary was ignorant of her calling and obligation and totally blew everything away. Where would we be know? For one thing, we wouldn't have the Catholic church, we wouldn't have Saints, we wouldn't have mass, therefore no Eucharist or sacraments. To thank Mary for everything she has done is what we are called to do as Catholics, One things for sure, it must have not been easy for her. She went through the regular things that most parents go through. So I thank her.

33 days ago, I started on the Saint Louis de Monfort consecration to Jesus through Mary, prayers daily and devotions to help come closer to Jesus through Mary. After all, Christ did become known to us through Mary, we wouldn't have Jesus if it wasn't for Mary. Through this consecration we do everything with Mary, for Mary, in Mary, and by Mary.

As we attend mass today, and consume the Eucharist, take it in as you are taking in christ. With a whole heart and with a change of heart. Remember what Mary did for us and remember that you are in someway consecrated to Jesus through Mary, go to confession or Holy Communion with the intentions of giving ourselves to Jesus Christ, by slaves of love. through the hands of Mary.
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