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Monday, May 17, 2010

Randy Friemel: Artwork From God

Randy Friemel is from my hometown parish of St. Anthony's in Hereford. He's a wonderful artist that truly captures the colors of Christ within, not only his work, but also his character. The imagination of his work sets a very clear point on what we are suppose to be, and how we are suppose to live. Randy has been drawing since he was only four years old! After drawing for such a long time, randy soon realized that his drawings and paintings are a sweet gift from God. So he does everything he can to give glory to God for what he has done with it. Randy has made such a big difference around the Parish by donating his artwork for annual auctions and also helping out in Mass with the music by using his God-given talent to play the guitar for the congregation. Randy Friemel is a good friend of mine, and truly artwork from God...If you have time, check out his website at
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