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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Felix Campos: Angel of The Lord

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet one of the most inspirational person of my entire life. Felix Campos was walking in front of our truck asking if he could give the truck a shine for just a few bucks, we agreed. I was in the sleeper of the truck when I heard him and my dad talking, There was no way I was getting off, I thought he was just like everybody else that had asked us for money. But the more I got to listening to their conversation I became so fond of him. I wanted to met him and see what he was like. So I got out of the truck and we met and cleaned the truck together. We all talked about so many different things that God has to offer for us. Prayer and Life. After talking to him, he explained to us that he had been through a lot of different things that helped him just start believing in God. His father was a preacher in North Carolina and Felix wanted to see him again, but He just didn't know when. He told us that he wanted to get his green card soon because some people had stole his wallet from him after he moved here from the Dominican Republic. He mentioned that his girlfriend had an abortion with his first child, and ever since then he was been heartbroken. He says that he prays to God every night to forgive her for the sin she committed. He was a really good person that had some good morals to his life. It was so clear to me that he was so dedicated to a life of holiness and to be Christ like and it was that that made me really think. Here is this guy who has gone through so much, lives life homeless yet still is so full of love, and prayer to God. As we were cleaning some of the windows on the truck he told me something I won't ever forget. He said, Serving is the one of the best things you can do for somebody, When you serve people who really need help, It is that, that matters and your reward will be great in heaven...After he said that I felt like there was an Angel from God talking to me, It was so real, so vivid, and so true. When we finished cleaning the truck, we walked to the store across the street and got something to drink. As we were walking back he asked us if we were angels that will leave and never see him again. That was so weird to hear that. When we got back, we said goodbye and took a picture. As he turned to leave I notice that sad expression on his face, I felt like telling him to come with us. But I knew I couldn't. When I turned around to see which way he was headed, He was gone. Like if He had delivered the message that was given to him. I knew that he was an Angel, an Angel of the Lord.
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