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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saint Gregory's University

This past week I had a unique experience by visiting a Catholic University that I think maybe the one perfect for me. Saint Gregory's University is just about an hour east of Oklahoma City, In Shawnee. When I first drove up the "family circle drive" I was so astounded by how much this reminded of being so at peace, because it's been so long since I have experienced that peace. I noticed right away that here my everyday worries and troubles were burned and brought down to a sense of peace, right here at St. Greg's.
When I arranged a tour, I set it on a Thursday. It turned out that I was the only tour for the entire day, so I got tons of help and information that was really needed. I was so grateful, the facility members were all doing their normal things, all accepted me with open arms even if I had, for some odd reason made the decision to go to the Baptist College which was right down the street. I felt as if God had put everything in his hand, and was just holding it out to me to reach out and grab.
Hopefully, everything works out for me. Saint Gregory, Pray for Me.
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