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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Heavy Heart is now Light

Today I went to confession before student mass. I felt like I needed to go, because I felt so heavy, everywhere I went I felt like everything I did was heavy. when I would walk up the stairs to get to class. I felt Heavy and I couldn't make steps. The books I picked up seemed heavy. I became out of breathe, and tired, I felt almost like I was carrying a weight on my shoulders that is unbearable, like I was carrying a cross or something with sins and acts I have committed.
After confession, I felt very relieved, I felt like this path I am walking has been made so much easier and with so much more guidance. For my penance, I was asked to pray for a change of heart, soul and mind. So I can find a deeper calling to God's will for me. I think I should write another song from it:

Change my heart O lord.
let it be lifted

Change my Soul O lord.
let it be renewed

Change my Mind, O lord
let it Glory in You
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