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Sunday, October 10, 2010

By Your Love

You know what I was walking to class one day and I just felt the need to slow down and pray. Have you ever felt like that? Maybe your going to fast that you feel like you just got to slow down. We'll that's how I felt. I started praying in my head, then I came to wonder why us humans just want more of everything we get. We aren't satisfied with anything, I know I'm not. At the same time I am grateful for everything I have. But first of all, what makes us come to that thought? It is the Love of God. I think that we all know that God's love has made us to be who we are now.
Since I have been here I have been so grateful for what God has given me, with my education and a great chance to serve him. I know that it was only by the graces of God that made me who I am now, and where I am today. Everyday I praise God and thank him, because I know it was by miracle that everything worked out. I wrote this song when I was playing the guitar that same day, It helps me remember that God knows exactly what he is doing with us, some times we might forget that he is shaping us to be better people. Playing this song, I am reminded that everything happens for a reason, and that wherever we are in our lives would not be possible without God. Here is the Song :)

By your love, we are made new
By your Grace, we are drawn to You
Let Glory Fall, on you who made us all
Honor and praise, to you God we raise

Each and everyday I am drawn to you
Your love and mercy fall, it all surrounds
Living this life, and doing what you chose
I still seem to wonder if its around
Each and everyday its always me that you impress
You leave me searching, for love that cant be found
Draw me close to you lord, It's my soul that i'll undress
Everywhere I stand, Everywhere I go, I'll Know that...

Now is where I Stand, open to your hands
Living day to day, knowing that its all part of your plan
The Love you set before me, makes me hunger and thirst
The grace you implant in me, makes me praise and shout
Where I am now, would be nothing without the life you bring
Where I am now, just makes me want to lift me hands and sing!
I know why I am here. I know how you got my ear...

Lift my voice and sing, cause we are loved
Jump, praise and shout, cause our God Reigns
Let glory fall, on you who made us all
Honor and praise, to you God we raise!
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