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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beauty Draws

Once again I have been humbled by the beauty that God places before me. The views, all the sights, the colors, it's amazing. I always find myself looking up just observing what has been placed before us so that we can witness the beauty that God not only has created but  is made up of as well. He is truly beautiful and life expresses that every minute that we are alive. Every breath is almost a exclamation of praise and thanks, just for  having the eyes to see an the hands to touch.

Now, I think of doubting Thomas in the gospels an how we can relate. Sometimes we might not feel Christ's presence within us. We might see him or feel him, but his beauty will always be like water to our soul. We are drawn to him through beauty he creates. Since God is sheer beauty, we are drawn, we thirst and we want to know more. All this through the beauty that he places before us!
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