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Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Love Divine

The word "Love" is over used and miss interpreted so many times now days. So much that when it comes down to it, we don't even notice the true or exact love that comes from within or from somebody else. For the first time in my life I witnessed a true and divine love that was brought up from God through Christ himself. Some friends of mine having been dating for quite a while now and today was the day he would ask her. We decorated the Mary chapel with roses and red flower pedals. As she walked in, he sang her a song that he wrote.When he finished he dropped to one knee, looked at her straight in the eye and said to her, "Karen, I love you so much, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. So would you marry me?" For the first time I saw love, true love, self-giving love that would bow down and ask for love in return. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was a sacred moment, and I couldn't help but see Christ down on his knees in the same position, asking us the exact same question. Will you love me, will you live in me. The question and the response together make a one, true love divine. It was great to be apart of, Congratulations to my good friends Joshua & Karen Dutchover Hynes.

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