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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Work of Our Words

I work at a Veteran's home and some days require a little more intervention from God as far as communication goes. I've learned slowly that God works everyday of our lives without us even knowing. I'm seeing more and more that God, in his Infinite Being, holds not only us up, but everything about us, this means also our time, our speech and even our actions; good and bad. Does God cause bad and evil to exist in the world? Not at all, but he does allow it because there is always a greater good to be fulfilled. Bad actions are allowed and never caused by God. God works for the good by allowing bad and always works for the good. But again,with us in the participation of God's divine realm, not only does he hold up our existence, and action, He also holds up our communication and interaction with other people that we encounter. It's like everyday we speak to someone, it is a 'Divine Appointment'. We are made handmaids of God through our speech, action and existence. This means that God guides us and gives us His Spirit to spread a message of love, faith and joy through the gospel he preaches. It's an amazing thing to remember during a conversation. In recognizing that God is with us every minute of our lives, even in conversation, we allow the Holy Spirit to intervene. It's like a green light. I just left from a two hour conversation from a resident and I remember sitting there, listening and thinking about how God is working continuously, in my life, in his life...why wouldn't God work through the words we say? I instantly became more aware of my words, my thoughts, even in my listening; ultimately the Spirit lead and did the work of God through my own mouth.

I think about conversation and what it means to people, even if we're just listening to what people have to say. I think in any instance, the Spirit can lead us and guide us in that conversation. It makes me think of our words and how they can either heal or hurt a person. We don't know the last time we will ever see somebody, so the notion of letting God be present in our words is very crucial for somebody. We should be up lifting in our speech and give kind words with love, not hate[and it's something I'm working on]. But if we think, the only way to talk out of love or listen with love is to allow the Spirit to be present in our conversation by realizing God is uniquely working in us at every aspect of our lives CONSTANTLY. I will type it again, I think the only way to talk out of love is to allow the Spirit in our talk. How can we do this, by realizing God is working at every aspect of our lives CONSTANTLY. I think of a person who works clay, the wheel is constantly spinning and the worker molds it in every angle and every aspect to fit the shape and frame that he wants. With us, God  shapes and molds us to who he wants us to be. God works within us at every aspect of our lives and to recognize that while we live is pretty cool. So the message, the reflection from me, is to love with words and then words will be loved. It's cool to recognize God being present in all things, even our speech, in my own mind, it makes me attentive, more alert and aware of what a person needs to here. More importantly, God sends the message through the work of our hearts and our tongues. That alone is pretty awesome.
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