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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Savior is Born

Merry Christmas! Christ has been born! and God, in his Divinity, comes down through the womb of the ever sinless Virgin to take on a lesser humanity, so that He can save us all by death on a cross. The birth of Jesus marks the start of our salvation, and the end of our broken world. Christmas comes from the Latin, "Christ's Mass" and marks the celebration of the birth of our Messiah. It even marks the nativity scene when kings and shepherds traveled far to greet the newborn King and to pay him Homae.
During Christmas, sure the season is a time of Joy and laughter, and spending time with that mean old aunt of yours but even past that, Christmas is a reminder for us all that Jesus, in our brokenness still is to be born, to redeem us, bring us and keep us. So many times we forget the meaning of this mystery of the Incarnation and the birth of Christ by looking at history and what the modern world has to say. The weight of the subject is not where or when Christ was born but a bigger part is that Christ was born and He did it so that we could gain joy in Him, happiness in Him and salvation through Him. The Birth of Christ through the Virgin is the cause of our joy this season of Christmas because like the gathering at the nativity, so too our families gather in the communion of joy because our Savior has finally been born.
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