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Friday, October 18, 2013

Rich in Hands & Feet

Last weekend, At the St. Ben's annual carnival I volunteered to help run a couple things. I figured it would be a great time to offer myself an be there among the parish an then just to have reason to get up early on Saturday morning. I was there for the Knights of Columbus an so why not I thought.

I worked the rock climbing station the whole afternoon. Strapping kids in, tightening their straps, bringing them down and well, helping them up too. It was a great experience for me to remember to be grateful for what I have as far as hands an feet. Towards the end of the day, I noticed a younger boy about 8 or 9 came up an handed me his tickets. Only he had only two fingers on each hand. I was curious on how he would do so I let him in, strapped him up and gave him confidence. His dad the whole time was telling him,"You got it son, you got it, don't give up on me." That boy never gave up. He tried with all his might to get up past the first rock. After about 5 minutes of trying he said,"I can't do it dad, I'm no good." It wasn't until then that I looked down at his leg and saw his leg, a prosthetic. The boy was trying so hard and I could see it in him that he wanted so hard to get up just the first rock. We helped him and motivated him. Finally he got one foot on the first rock an stood their with his two fingers holding a rock in his hand. He was their for about 3 seconds, an he fell to the ground as his leg gave out. He rose up from the ground and shouted out in joy, "I did it dad! I did it." His dad meet him at that gate and said,"You did it son, I knew you could do it." It was at that moment that I realized how rich I was to have my hands and feet. This boy will never know what it's like to have all ten fingers or both feet. Still he was as happy as I have ever seen anyone, if not more. It was a great thing to witness and help out with.  
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