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Monday, March 14, 2011

Willie Nelson in Concert

There are a lot of things that I have on my mind that I don't ever imagine doing while I am in college. Truthfully, those things are not really even on my mind, I don't think about them. I would have never thought I would shake Willie Nelson's hand when I am 19. That just was not something that I thought about. This weekend a friend of mine, offered a trip to Omaha, Nebraska to see a well known legend, Willie Nelson. By the time I knew it, we were on the road me and four others. It was a long drive but in the end it was worth it. When seven 'o clock rolled around we were driving around the Emporium Theater looking for a parking spot. We got our spot and tickets and something else. VIP passes to a room that was just loaded, It had nice furniture, good food, open bar and nice restrooms. When the concert started it was Corey Crowder playing then came Willie Nelson. He is really good on the guitar, I was surprised at how old he is and still doing good on the guitar, he looks pretty healthy to me. The crowd was getting into it, yelling out his name, and clapping along to the rhythm. When It was over, we rushed to the bottom of the theater, reached over a few heads and shook his hand.
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